About Us

Cycle Powered Event Entertainment

A bit more about us

We Are Sips n’ Spins, the newest event service company based in sunny South Florida! Founded in 2022, we are all about creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on your event guests.

From Smoothie Parties to Frozen Cocktail Happy Hours, we add that extra Ahhhhhh to any event

At Sips n’ Spins, we pride ourselves on our energy, passion, innovation, and attention to detail. We know that every event is unique, which is why we offer a range of beverage-related services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re planning a margarita bike corporate function, smoothie social occasion, or slushy special event, we’ve got you covered.

From our fun and functional blender bikes to our motorized double tap bar carts, we’re more than just your regular beverage company. Our team is passionate about helping you create signature cocktails that perfectly complement your event’s theme and atmosphere while delivering them to your guests in unique ways. Want something more on the creative side? We also have a bicycle powered spin art paint stations with traditional and glowing black light paint options.

So whether you’re looking to add a touch of Miami flair to your event, or just want to sip on something special, Sips n’ Spins is here to help.